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  • DermaPep™ - Youcel shows real effects on hydro-lifting as well as skin care for the age-related changes including wrinkles, roughness, reduction of elasticity and mottled hyper-pigmentation. This product can be incorporated in cosmetic formulations such as emulsions, oily sera, gels and creams.
  • DermaPep™ - Youcel is a blend of five super powrful peptides in golden ratio as follows.
  • DermaPep™ A350, similar to retinoic acid, shows multi-functional effects, anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammation, skin pore contraction and brightening.
  • DermaPep™ A420, a TGF-beta mimic, gives effect on regeneration and anti-aging of skin.
  • DermaPep™ A440 , known as collagen protector, inhibits collagen breakdown by suppressing collagen-degrading enzyme (MMPs). DermaPep™ UL, a skin brighter, lighten up your skin by inhibiting melanin production in melanocyte under the skin.
  • DermaPep™ A510 , a collagen producer, induces collagen production
  • Anti-Wrinkle & Anti-aging
  • Skin lifting & Skin pore contraction
  • Skin regeneration
  • Skin brightening and lightening
  • Sunlight UV protection
Clinical Test

  • Volunteers : 30 Korean female volunteers(Age : 30 to 60)
  • Concentration : 4% containing DermaPep™ - Youcel
  • Duration : 8 weeks (Twice daily on face area)
  • Evaluation : Digital photography, Replica analysis.