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DermaPep™ UL interacts with MC1R, a receptor for alpha-MSH, competes against its natural ligand, alpha-MSH and thereby prevents any further activation of melanogenic genes such as tyrosinase, TRP1, TRP2(DCT), MITF, and POMC and finally blocks melanin synthesis. In-vitro and in-vivo study results show the DermaPep™ UL is far more effective than other known whitening ingredients such as kojic acid, arbutin and hydroquinone
  • Whitening for face and body
  • Providing exceptional whitening benefits
  • Inhibition of melanogenic pathway
  • Anti - Inflammation effect against environmental stimulus such as UV irradiation

DermaPep™ UL can be incorporated in cosmetic formulations such as emulsions, oily sera, gels and creams for skin-whitening and anti-inflammatory purposes.