Your Solid Partner

The success of global business, with the first partner to BeadTech

  • Acquires Peptide Business Unit from Miwon as an asset transfer
  • Establishes a partnership with Amore Pacific to develop novel cosmetics ingredients
  • Launches other Resins (Rink, Rink-MBHA, CM PS, Wang, and HiCore)
  • Launches commercial scale production of CTC Resins for peptide synthesis
  • Become a supplier of CTC Resin to SK Corporation for Fuzeon production (Roche)
  • BeadTech is established as a start-up venture at the Seoul National University

The Peptide and Pharmaceutical Research Center (PPC) was established in 2004 with aims to develop dermatologically active peptides that can improve the appearance of skin and protect the skin against premature signs of aging. The center focuses primarily on developing short peptides that efficiently inhibit or accelerate signaling pathways associated with damage skin repair. A number of scientists have joined us whose expertise are in molecular and cellular biology, peptide chemistry, organic synthesis, and chemical engineering. With diverse scientific and industrial background of our research teams, we are well resourced in discovering new breeds of active peptides and more effective ingredients, as well as developing cost effective manufacturing processes based on novel technologies to meet new trends in the market.

Peptides are currently one of the most promising agents in cosmetic industry. Our goal is to develop biologically active peptides that can provide solutions to customer's needs. To achieve this goal, we have formed a strong network with top scientists in Korea and coordinated various groups to streamline a process to consistently deliver our high quality products. Our areas of interest are antiaging, skin depigmentation, antimicrobial, anti-inflammation and hair growth stimulation. We are seeking marketing partners who can gain benefits from our expertise in bioactive peptides.